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CHEMIPOL company products >> Fatliquoring and Hydrofobization
  Name General characteristics Application  
  CHEMIFOB ME phosphoric fatty acid esters, long chain hydrocarbons and polymeric compounds  
  CHEMIFOB MF Polymeric waterproofing, long chain hydrocarbons and lubricating components  
  CHEMIFOB MH polymeric waterproofing and lubricating components  
  CHEMIPON DFN sulphated synthetic and natural fatty materials, phospholipids and anionic emulsifiers  
  CHEMIPON DO sulphated and sulphited synthetic fatty acids esters, natural fatty materials  
  CHEMIPON EM EXTRA complex-active synthetic fatty materials  
  CHEMIPON ES sulphated synthetic long chains alcohols with the addition of natural and synthetic materials  
  CHEMIPON F sulphited natural oil  
  CHEMIPON FL a synthetic blend of sulphated fatty alcohols&natural oil and synthetic oil with special emulsifiers  
  CHEMIPON FR sulphited fish and vegetable oils, with special emulsifiers  
  CHEMIPON FW synthetic fatty esters and sulphated and sulphited natural oils.  
  CHEMIPON IK bisulfited and natural oil replacement of neatsfoot oil with emulsifiers  
  CHEMIPON ITN combination of bisulphited fish oils, natural oils and synthetic softeners  
  CHEMIPON K natural oils, lanolin, sulphited oils an anionic emulsifiers  
  CHEMIPON MB sulphited natural and synthetic fatting substances  
  CHEMIPON NSN sulphated synthetic oils and natural and synthetic waxes  
  CHEMIPON OTE sulphated natural oil, bisulphited natural oil, lecithine, synthetic softening components  
  CHEMIPON PL Sulphited natural and synthetic oil  
  CHEMIPON RZ sulphated and sulphited natural and synthetic raw materials  
  CHEMIPON S sulphited, oxidated natural oil  
  CHEMIPON SFN sulphited phospholipids with selected anionic and non-ionic emulsifiers  
  CHEMIPON SPN sulphated and sulphited natural oils and synthetic fatty  
  CHEMIPON T sulphited oxidised fish oil  
  CHEMIPON VEG/N sulphited natural oils and synthetic softening agents  
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