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auxiliary liming agent

Chemical composition:
organic compounds, sulphide and amines free
red brown liquid
approx. 1,12 g/cm3
pH (1:10):
approx. 9,5



  • can be used in hair – pulping process as well as for the modern, non – polluting liming process with hair separation.

  • controls the plumping of the pelts and promotes even liming and opening of the fibre structure, thus reducing the wrinkles and growth marks.

    The product produces excellent scud loosening and grain smoothness as well as a balanced swell – regulating effect which increases the area yield.

  • accelerates penetration of other liming chemicals (e.g. lime and sulphide) and increases lime solubility.

    In comparison with the classic process CHEMOLIME TM assists the tanner to significantly decrease his sulphide offer.

    Compared with products containing amines, lower COD – level in the effluent can be expected when using CHEMOLIME TM.

Application metod:


  • Depending on the desired degree of the swelling and decrease in sulphide 0,8 – 1,2 % (calculated on salted weight) are applied. At the beginning of the hair – pulping process CHEMOLIME TM is usually allowed to run 45 – 20 mins. prior to the addition of lime and sodium sulphide and / or sodium hydrosulphide.

    For the environmental – friendly liming process with hair separation a for – run of CHEMOLIME TM along with 1 % lime is allowed for approx. 60 min.

  • attacks the hair roots, whilst the lime immunises the outer hair shaft.

    Next sodium sulphide and / or sodium hydrosulphide is added. After 30 min. the hair loosening begins and at this point hair separation by filtering system can be started.

    After completion of this separation process the liming is continued by adding water and lime, eventually slipping agent and if necessary, minor quantities of sodium sulphide.

Storage stability:

CHEMOLIME TM can be stored for up to one year if temperatures below 5 C and above 40 C can be avoided. On prolonged storage or extremes of temperature the product may exhibit some settlement, which can be rectified by either warming and / or stirring the product thoroughly before use.


The information included in this technical leaflet is based upon our knowledge and experience of the product used. The stability of the products mentioned to obtain specific properties or effects are given without obligation or guarantee and should be fully tested by the end user and adopted to suit prevailing works conditions or other products which may be employed

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